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1 week 5 days ago

In Memory of Chris Curtis

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, having just recently learned of the passing of Chris Curtis a few months ago. Those in the pinfire community will undoubtedly recognize his name as the author of foundational works such as "The Pinfire System" and "Systeme Lefaucheux."

In January of this year, I had the privilege of visiting with Chris at the Las Vegas Antique Arms show. Over the years, our paths crossed several times, and we talked on the phone about pinfire things every so often. As he embraced the advances of technology, our chats even evolved into text messages.

Chris’s dedication to the world of pinfire arms stands as a testament to his passion. He delved deep into research during an era when resources were limited and the internet was yet to reshape the world. His contributions have significantly broadened our understanding and appreciation of the subject.

As we take a moment to remember Chris, let’s honor the mark he has left on the pinfire community. His legacy is one that will surely resonate for generations to come.


1 month 3 weeks ago

Joseph-Alexandre Robert was one of Casimir Lefaucheux’s biggest competitors in the 1830s. Last week we posted the article on the US Army trials of the Robert musket. He also had a few hundred purchased by the newly formed Belgian military. But it did not gain much traction and he pivoted toward making hunting shotguns. Eventually a pinfire version of this gun was even made as shown in the bottom example.


2 months 1 day ago

In 1837 the US military tested Joseph Alexandre Robert’s innovative breech-loading rifle, which achieved higher fire rates and accuracy than standard muskets. But limitations meant muzzle-loaders persisted on battlefields for decades.


2 months 4 days ago

A neat reloading and cleaning kit for 16g pinfire shotguns!


2 months 5 days ago

Time for a chuckle from the annals of pinfire history. In this snapshot, two stern garde-chasse stand in an ‘on guard’ stance one armed with a trusty Lefaucheux pinfire, the other with a shotgun and a horn, flanking a stool holding the subject of their attention – a single, unlawfully hunted rabbit.

The culprits? Two elderly ladies, sitting behind their ill-gotten game with a mix of contemplation and defiant indifference. One lady gazes thoughtfully at the rabbit, perhaps considering the journey that led to this moment, while the other, unamused, stares defiantly at us, challenging our silent judgement.

Caught between the thrill of an illicit hunt and the humor of this unexpected tableau, we can’t help but appreciate the cheeky charm of this historic moment. #HistoricalPhotos #PinfirePeculiarities #GardeChasse


2 months 1 week ago

Stepping back in time with a rare find today: an early pinfire pistol crafted by Casimir Lefaucheux. Its uniqueness is amplified by the marking under the barrel of "Invention C. Lefaucheux", a deviation from the usual "Invention Lefaucheux". Though time has weathered its finish, the pistol’s rare distinction speaks volumes about its journey. Take a look and appreciate a bit of firearms history with us!


2 months 1 week ago

In a recent Parisian journey, we made a special visit to Montmartre Cemetery, specifically to see the Lefaucheux Mortuary Chapel. Established with a perpetual concession since 1849, this chapel is a serene homage to the Lefaucheux family’s legacy. Nestled at plot number 100, its presence is both understated and deeply resonant.


2 months 1 week ago

Delving into the past with this captivating photograph from the late 1800s. Amidst a canvas of fallen autumn leaves, a poised hunter stands, exuding an air of classic elegance. His choice of a Lefaucheux pinfire shotgun, a common hunting companion of the era, speaks to his readiness for the day’s adventure. With a game bag slung expectantly over his shoulder, it’s as if we can hear the rustling whispers of anticipation and the thrill of the hunt. Join me in appreciating this timeless snapshot of life from a bygone era. #HistoricalPhotos #VintageAdventure #AutumnHunting


2 months 2 weeks ago

These french postcards picturing a hunter with his pinfire shotgun are definitely…something.

I used ChatGPT to translate the story into English while preserving the poetic flow which is often lost in translation:


Ah, what a challenge, this barren hunt,
In terms of game, my luck’s upfront.
I dreamt of returning with trophies so vast,
But here I am, empty-handed, oh the contrast!

Wait a moment, you lively little tease,
Where are you hurrying to, in such an ease?
With your milk, so fresh, creamy, and bright,
Could you pour it over me, as a delightful sight?

Continue pouring, immerse me in this bliss,
But beware, it might feel like a misty kiss!

No worries if it seems I’m urging you so,
It’s to quench a thirst only you can know!

Indeed, I warned, has anyone ever seen,
A way to drink so engaging and serene?
My dear, you’ve joined in so willingly,
I chuckle at our tale, oh so thrillingly.

All this is quite joyous and splendid,
But alas, the pitcher’s now emptied.
My thirst, however, is not yet slated,
Refresh me again, if it’s not belated.